Purple Pixel Pusher

When IV Inferno V2 died it was a sad day. The computer was 4 years old at the time and was growing long in the tooth. The graphics cards which were originally bought for their Litecoin processing power were not performing well in games anymore. I'm typically the person who, if I can't play the game at Ultra settings then I should start thinking about a upgrade. In Mass Effect: Andromeda, and Watch Dogs 2 I was playing on medium settings just to get acceptable frame rates – which was unacceptable!! The build came a little earlier then I expected when the SATA port motherboard on IV Inferno V2 died taking the HDD's with it. So here I am a building another PC in the Summer of 2017 and I am building it with a no holds barred approach. So here it is, the Purple Pixel Pusher!!

I decided on the name starting with the accent color I wanted to use for the PC: Purple. Then my mind got creative, I knew this computer was going to be a beast, so beastly it needed a name worthy of it. This PC was going to be a pixel pusher. Line it up with Purple and you get a rhyming name, Purple Pixel Pusher. Just the kind of name this thing needed. I also wanted to create a fancy logo for the PC and so I did. It has the name of the computer and looks like a drug dealer pushing a bag of drugs on a person, only its not drugs... it's pixels, and its a pixel pusher. Ingenious right? I figured the best way to get the logo on the computer was put it on the side of the case where the window isn't. I hired a digital printing company to make the logo out of vinyl so that it would look nice when stuck to the side of the computer. This is what the logo looks like below.

Purple Pixel Pusher

So now on to the build, this computer was going to be a beast of a computer. Ultimately I wanted high frame rates from my games and the ability to play VR games in the future. I decided to go with the LGA1151 platform. While the LGA2011 platform is more of a beast then the platform I chose, I really figured that the extra cost for all the components on a LGA2011 platform was not worth the expenditure. I really didn't need more then 32 GB ram, and a processor with more then 4 cores wasn't really all that necessary because nearly all games are still single threaded anyway. If I wanted to build on the LGA2011 platform I would have to be using the computer for more then just gaming, which I wouldn't be doing.


-Core i7 7700k, 4.2GHz /w 8MB Cache CPU
-850 EVO Series Solid State Drive (3 Drives)
-Dominator Platinum Series 32GB 19200 Memory
-Nvidia GForce GTX 1080 Ti Founders Edition (2 Cards)
-Creative Labs Sound Blaster Z PCI-e 5.1 Sound Card
-Asus ROG Maximus Hero IX Motherboard
-Hydro Series H60 CPU Cooler
-Corsair 750D Full Tower Case
-Corsair K55 RGB Keyboard
-Corsair M65 Pro RGB Mouse
-32 Inch 4k Monitor @ 120Hz (Not available at time of writing)

Geforce 1080 Ti Founders Edition Maximus IX Hero and Soundblaster Z Intel i7 7700k and Corsair Dominatior Platinum and Evo 850 SSD

As far as the parts go, I wanted to do a RAID 0 Setup for the HDD's as this would give an extreme performance boost to the computer over a typical HDD setup. The results of which are posted below. The next part to talk about was the Graphics Cards, they were almost as powerful as the Nvidia Titans, but much more compatible with my budget then a pair of Titans. The 1080 Ti's were valued at around $1000 Canadian dollars a piece, compared to Titans at $1517 dollars a piece. The sound card is not a typical purchase on people's computer builds but is almost always been in my own builds. The sound quality coming from a sound card is so much better. There is a depth and clarity that gets lost when not using a sound card. It really is tough to explain through words, you have to experience it yourself. Futher more there is an increased volume output coming from the cards, allowing my headphones to play music and games at higher volume levels then would be available from a motherboard based sound. For $150 bucks this was definitely worth the purchase. The case I used was kind of a downgrade from the Corsair 800D I used on the last build. But still, it holds everything I need and looks nice at the same time. I liked working with the case, there was plenty of room for me to work in and cable management was a breeze. The Keyboard and mouse were selected primarily for their RGB LED functionality and would allow me to get that perfect shade of purple for the Build. Finally there was the Monitor choice. At the time of this article the monitor I wanted was not available. I needed a 120hz monitor so that I could show every frame that my graphics cards were putting out. A 60Hz monitor is only capable of putting out 60 frames a second, and Purple Pixel Pusher was pushing out more then 140 frames a second. I was just simply not going to lose that potential, so I will wait for a 32 inch 4k monitor at 120Hz to come out before I buy a new monitor.

Performance of the PC was going to be exceptional. I knew that before I built the computer. But I didn't realize how exceptional until after the build. I found out that this PC was better at 3DMark then 98% of all computers that ran that test. I was stoked to say the least! Looking at the hall of fame for the fastest PC's ever built I placed about 386th in the top rankings, I was quite happy with that position.

3DMark Firestrike Extreme

3DMark TimeSpy

The Unigine benchmarks Valley and Heaven while old were good to run to compare to my old system. I was impressed with the max frame rates of 218 FPS and 284 FPS respectfully. The average frame rate was great to see over 120 FPS as this would justify a purchase of a 120hz monitor. Crystal Disk Mark was just as awesome as I expected too. Read Write speeds were about the same speed (vast improvement to write speeds over a HDD) and were phenomenally fast.

Unigine Heaven Benchmark Crystal Disk Mark Unigine Valley Benchmark

The total cost of this build was around the $4500 range not including the monitor that I wanted. The monitor will likely be another $1600. The performance was beyond anything I have ever built before and I spent way more money on this computer then on any other computer I have built in the past. Is it worth it? I guess so! HAHA, I'm never really sure anymore. But I will definitely get some great use out of this thing an I am looking forward to playing games in all their glory.

PurplePixelPusher        PurplePixelPusher



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