Version: 1.0
License: Open Source
Download: SketchUp .SKP

Netduino 2 Project Box

Got an embedded electronics project on your mind? Consider using an Netduino for your next project. After you have created your project you will want to store it in something. So I created this Netduino Project Box to hold your wires and sensors.

This project box has a space in the wall of the box for the power cable as well as a second hole to allow any wires to come out to allow you to connect sensors. The Netduino will be raised off the floor of the project box via stands. The stands are designed to accept small screws to screw your Netduino into the project box to prevent movement.

Netduino 2 Project Box

The project file is available for download as a .SKP and .STL from the black box on the top right of this page and is intended for download for a Makerbot Replicator or any other 3D printer that accepts an .STL file. Because of the shape of the 3d Model, I suggest using some helper disks on each corner of the project box so that the corners stay flat on your print. Helper disks can easily be found on Thingiverse.

Thanks for downloading and Enjoi!


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