Version: 1.0
License: Open Source
Download: SketchUp .SKP

Soldering Iron Holder

Typically if you buy a low or mid-range soldering iron, you will find that it either comes with no stand or one that is very cheap and will slide around on you. So I thought it would be a good idea to create a 3D print for a solid, well made holder for the soldering iron I bought.

The design incorporates a wide sturdy base to prevent tipping of the soldering iron and its holder. Two stands raise from the base high enough that you can easily grab the soldering iron without knocking over the holder. On each one of the stands is a U shaped cradle for the soldering iron to rest in.

This design should work well for soldering irons that are about 25cm in length. Keep in mind though that when you place the soldering iron on the stand that you keep the hot tip away from the stand so you don't melt the stand. The stand's length is designed to accommodate such a placement.

Soldering Iron Holder



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