Version: 2.1
License: Open Source
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Vaping / Lab Decanters

The Vaping and Lab Decanters was my first model that I made when I got my 3D printer. I do a lot of Vaping (E-Cigerettes) and often mix my own flavors from scratch. I found that the ingredients I use to make my own E-Liquid came in containers that made it hard to collect the liquids in a syringe. They often came pop-like bottles or dropper bottles with no room to stick a syringe in and measure out the liquids.

My solution to this problem was to create a decanter in SketchUp Make that used a cone shaped bowl. This helps in two ways. The first is that you are able to easily stick the syringe in to the container and get it all the way to the bottom. The second issue that this resolves is often when using a small spice dish there is often lots of liquid at the bottom, but it is not deep enough to create a pool and the syringe will end up sucking up air. The cone shape of the decanter allows the liquids to pool in the bottom of the decanter and stops the loss of expensive ingredients.

Vaping / Lab Decanter

Also, because you don't always use all of the liquid that you may put in a decanter I decided it would be a good idea to store the liquid for another time. So as a second model I created a lid for the decanter that would clip into place to keep the contents from spilling out. There are three different lids for each of the 3 different liquids that are used in the process to make Vaping Liquid allowing a person to easily identify the liquid that is in the container. Also because Vaping and E-Cigarettes are a fairly niche interest at the moment I thought it might be a good idea to create a generic lid that could be used for any type of liquid that you may want to store in it, there by naming it a Lab Decanter.

Vaping / Lab Decanter Lid Vaping / Lab Decanter Lid Vaping / Lab Decanter Lid

In version 2.1 I have added a miniature version of the model, this is great for decanting your flavors from vaping recipes. If you are buying small batches of flavors you might have gotten it in a small bottle and the syringe that you bought to extract the liquids doesn't quite get to the bottom of the bottle. The solution is to pour it into the decanter, extract your flavors and then wash out the decanter for the next use.

You can download the 3D models from the black box in the corner. It includes the model for the decanter, the mini decanter and 3 different lids for each of the liquids used in E-Liquid as well as a blank “Lab Decanter Lid”. These models are free of charge and can be modified as you see fit.



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