Version: 2.1
License: Open Source
Download: C# .Net 4.0

Boe Bot Drivers for MSRS

These are the drivers for Boe Bot, which is available from Parallax . These drivers are created for Microsoft Robotics Studio and can be used with any version of the software. Microsoft Robotics is available from the website located here . These drivers are intended to be driven using Bluetooth, specifically the Easy Bluetooth Module by Parallax. Documentation for these drivers is included with the download package. Since these drivers are open source feel free to modify them as you see fit. If you add a feature or make the drivers more efficient and want me to include your changes in the next release please send the changes to:  

The MSRS service is written in C# .Net 4.0 for MSRS 4 and is a Visual Studio 2010 Project.

- Bump Sensor Support
- LED Support


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