Tobacco Curing Kiln

Over the next few years I am to be taking on Tobacco growing as another hobby on my already long list of hobbies. (Its really starting to get out of control I think!) But that aside, to grow tobacco and make it a usable product there is a long process of aging in which the tobacco needs to be kept at a precise level of humidity and temperature. The tobacco curing chamber is a way of maintaining a small environment that will allow the tobacco to mature. I was inspired my the many different Kilns already on the internet, but thought there wasn't very many well thought out and documented projects available. This page aims to change that.
This project is currently only in the design phase and will require future building of the actual Kiln and then a number of adjustments to the final build to ensure the way the kiln works as intended.


The Kiln is designed using aluminum parts, this is because aluminum does not rust and is quite resistant to corrosion, not to mention it is a very light metal which will allow the kiln to be moved easily. I felt that it would be better to use a metal then a wood structure due to the risk of fire caused by the heat lamp and any possible error in the temperature programming on the Raspberry Pi since I plan on keeping the Kiln indoors. The internal structure of the kiln contains 4 different sections, each section will contain a different strain of tobacco for the fermentation process and will prevent the user from mixing up the different leaves accidentally. In the center of the Kiln is a light socket and a ceramic reptile heating lamp. This will be controlled by the Raspberry Pi to keep the kiln at the correct temperature.


- Square Bar (4 Pieces): 635mm, 1.250 Inch x 1.250 x 0.120 Aluminum
- Square Bar (4 Pieces): 690mm, 1.250 Inch x 1.250 x 0.120 Aluminum
- Square Bar (4 Pieces): 3.000 inch x 3.000 x 3.000 x 0.120 Aluminum
- Plate (4 Pieces): 700mm x 700mm x 0.250 Inch Aluminum
- Plate (2 Pieces): 713mm x 713mm x 0.250 Inch Aluminum
- Plate (4 Pieces): 210 mm x 450mm x 0.250 Inch Aluminum
- Plate (2 Pieces): 212 mm x 450mm x 0.250 Inch Aluminum
- Plate (2 Pieces): 200 mm x 450mm x 0.250 Inch Aluminum
- Angle (8 Pieces): 1.500 inch x 1.500 x 0.125 Inch Aluminum
- Ceramic Heat Emitter By Exo-Terra
- Porcelain Lamp Holder With Leads (1 Piece) (must be porcelain to resist heat)
- Raspberry Pi with Windows Installation
- Temperature Sensors
- Humidity Contoller
- Relay capable of handling standard household electricity

Tobacco Curing Kiln   Tobacco Curing Chamber

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