November 17, 2019

Welcome to HobbyWare.Org. This is a collection of my programs and projects which are free downloads to anyone who wants them.

Wow, its been a long time! I have only managed to have two updates to the site this year! I have been struggling with issues in Stronghold CMD that have made me want to simply give up development on projects that I am working on. I had an issue that plagued me for about a year where the program would just freeze up and nothing I could do would resolve the issue. After rewriting a large section of the program that displays the video of the avatar and its emotions that it is feeling I have finally got around the issue that was causing me so much frustration. It takes a lot of rewiring the brain to make programming and development an enjoyable activity after a problem like that!

The update this time around is the release of Stronghold CMD v1.40. The program is stable now that the major issue was fixed. A suite of new features have also made it into this release, including: Improved connectivity of the Robot to allow for a much easier time to get the robot fired up and moving around your house. A IP camera that is designed to watch your plants grow. A bunch of smaller updates to the usability of the program, and a basic shell for IOT Devices and SMS devices.

Enjoi! Labs 2019

This is the Labs 2019 video, watch to see how I have my lab setup and for ideas on creating your own maker lab setup.


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