September 30, 2017

Welcome to HobbyWare.Org. This is a collection of my programs and projects which are free downloads to anyone who wants them. is Presenting At:

October 28th & 29th 2017, Spruce Meadows

Makerfaire Calgary (YYC) is just around the corner and is presenting! Join me an many other makers October 28th and 29th at Spruce Meadows in Calgary to see all things Maker-Interesting! I will be showing off the Stronghold CMD software and some of the other projects I have worked on. See you there!

Stronghold CMD v1.20 is now Live! Many of the changes were made in getting the software ready for the Makerfaire show. In the video found in the development progress section of the Stronghold CMD Projects page you can view the new features including remote controlled robots that can be used to monitor your house while you are away. Also included is a load of bug fixes and a typing console so you can communicate with the program while in loud environments and when you are simply not able to use a microphone.

The update to the site last month was a new computer build log of Purple Pixel Pusher. This is a gaming oriented computer, boasting 2 incredibly powered graphics cards and a whole suite of new hardware. The theme was purple for this one... and pixel pusher-ness. It plays like a dream come true, so head on over to the Computers section, Subheading Build logs to see what it can do!

Enjoi! Labs 2017

This is the Labs 2017 video, watch to see how I have my lab setup and for ideas on creating your own maker lab setup.


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